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Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

For more than 35 years, Temprite has been at the forefront of air conditioning design, installation and service. We offer a variety of types of heat pumps/air conditioning solutions in Rotorua. We endeavour to provide smart and efficient heating and cooling solutions for all your commercial air conditioning/heating needs.

Wide Variety of Heating and Cooling Systems

Temprite have vast experience installing various heating and cooling systems from a simple high wall or floor console to heat and cool one room, to central heating & cooling ducted systems and multiple VRF systems. As a locally owned and operated company, we are based in Rotorua for over 35 years. We have the experience to provide you with a heating and cooling solution to suit your requirements.
Temprite Heat Pump Air Conditioning system

High Wall Heat Pump/Air Conditioning

This is the most common type of commercial air conditioning system often found in offices and living rooms across Rotorua and New Zealand. The indoor system is mounted at high level and connected to an outdoor unit often situated directly behind the indoor unit or the distance between the two can be up to 30m away depending on the model of the installed heat pump. This type of system is designed to heat and cool the space where it is installed into and operable from an easy to use hand held remote controller, Wi-Fi via smart phone, or fixed wired wall controller.

Panasonic Air Conditioning

Floor Mounted Heat Pump/Air Conditioning

The floor-mounted heat pump/air conditioner is installed at low level. It is useful where wall space is not available for a high wall air conditioner. The floor-mounted system can often be a discrete installation and at times can be installed under windows. This type of commercial air conditioning is operable by an easy to use hand held remote controller and provide airflow from a lower height.

Temprite Cassette Air Conditioning system Rotorua

Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump/Air Conditioning

Ceiling cassettes are air conditions installed into the ceiling or ceiling grid with four way directional vanes to distribute warm and cool air. Ceiling access is required to install a ceiling cassette. These systems are designed for heating and cooling the room in which these are installed. This type of system is often found in retail stores. However, these are suitable for large areas and come in a ‘mini cassette’ option for smaller areas.

under ceiling air conditioning by temprite

Under Ceiling Heat Pump/Air Conditioning

Under-Ceiling systems are suspended under the ceiling level and provide large capacity heating or cooling to open plan areas. The systems discharge air in one direction so is often used in large spaces, including retails stores or halls. As with all air conditioners, these filter the air as it is recirculated to provide clean air. Operation of these types of commercial air conditioning system in Rotorua is often by way of a fixed wired wall controller.

Temprite Rotorua Heating & Cooling specialists commercial central heating/cooling

Ducted Heat Pump/Air Conditioning System

A ducted heating and cooling system is the discrete way to install heat pumps and air conditioning into your office building. These are central heating & cooling systems positioned in a ceiling space that transfer air to different areas of the building using insulated ducting and air outlet grilles in the ceiling.

Air is filtered through return air grilles. A ducted air conditioning system provides the discrete and quietest solution for your heating and cooling requirements in Rotorua. This type of system is more expensive than stand alone individual systems. However, if you want temperature control throughout your open plan office via one system, this is the system for you. Our sales consultant can discuss the varying types of commercial air conditioning and recommend a system to suit your office and budget.

Multi Air Conditioning

Multi Air Conditioning/ Heat Pump System

Restricted for space to locate multiple outdoor units? The multi-system is for you. This type of commercial air conditioning system provides the ability to connect multiple indoor units mentioned above to one central outdoor system.

Most multi air conditioning systems allow anywhere from two to five indoor units to be connected. With a small multi system, simultaneous heating and cooling cannot be performed at the same time. The multi system offers capacity range from somewhere around 5kW up to 18kW before moving into the larger capacity VRF range.

Temprite VRF commercial Air con heating system

VRF Commercial Air Conditioner Range

The VRF range is a high capacity commercial air conditioning system allowing several and multiple types of indoor units to be connected back to one or more larger outdoor unit.

The outdoor systems capacities can vary but often come in a range between 20kW up to 40kW before connecting them together to enable even larger capacities. These systems allow high level of control with options that allow for offsite monitoring, tenancy power usage and more. The delivery of VRF systems can vary up to 16 weeks, if not stocked in New Zealand.

Looking for a Commercial Air-conditioning System in Rotorua?

If you are looking at a new commercial build or planning a re-fit, Temprite can work with you to deliver an outstanding air conditioning system.

Got questions or need advice? We’re standing by ready to help you.

Mitsubishi Electric

Brands & Warranty

Commercial Air Conditioning Brands

Temprite only stock quality and reputable air conditioning brands including Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Temperzone and Daikin. These brands are world renowned for high-quality and innovation. Therefore, we have selected to side with these companies so we can provide you with a product, which stand by to deliver quality comfort. At Temprite, we have the expertise to carry out servicing and repairs on most makes and models of commercial heating and cooling systems in Rotorua.

Product Warranty

Generally, most manufacturers include a 5-year parts and labour warranty with their air conditioners for the correctly installed commercial air conditioning systems. We have trained staff to install air conditioning systems according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. As an established commercial heating and cooling company in Rotorua, we carry out warranty repairs for these manufacturers – proof of purchase may be required.

Standard warranties can sometimes have air conditioning systems included in the manufacturers clauses. We can point out a condition that may impact you in the unlikely event of a premature failure when a claim is required under manufacturer’s warranty.

Accredited Installation

Temprite carry out installation of air conditioning products to a high standard. Our team goes the extra mile during commercial air conditioning installations to give complete client satisfaction, which may not always be the easiest way but the best way!

Durable and High-quality Installation

Installation of most small air conditioners in Rotorua can be carried out inside a day and we work with you to carry out the installation of your new air conditioner with as little disruption as possible.

The materials used during installation are of high grade and durable to ensure the air conditioning unit is able to withstand the elements for years to come. The indoor and outdoor commercial air conditioning systems are connected via two insulated copper pipes and electrical wiring which are contained within capping to provide a clean tidy finish.

Variety of Installation Options

Don’t be caught into thinking you are limited with the position or location of your system as Temprite often install commercial air conditioning indoor systems on internal walls or make an extra effort in an attempt to position outdoor systems where they are less likely to have a visual impact on the exterior of your building. Our sales consultant discusses all the available air conditioning options at the time of site visit.

If the outdoor air conditioning unit is to be located in a garden or grass area, we provide concrete pavers to give the system a solid foundation to sit on. The unit is then raised on PVC mounting feet to provide clearance under the air conditioners outdoor unit. Doing this helps prevent premature corrosion of the base of the unit.

For an external wall mounting, the common type of mounting Temprite use is galvanised brackets or wall brackets. If the air conditioners outdoor unit is to be placed on the roof, it is important that the roof penetration is carried out to meet building code and the outdoor unit is mounted on a level sturdy surface or frame. We normally use Monkey Toe aluminium condenser mounting systems. Before the outdoor unit is located on the roof, it is important to ensure safe future access for our servicing purposes.

Professional and Experienced Sales and Installation Team

Temprite’s sales and installation teams have received product-specific training from manufacturers and refrigeration industry organisations. You can rest easy knowing that your air conditioner is correctly installed in accordance with guidelines of manufacturer and industry.

Most of the workers on our installation team are either trade-qualified Refrigeration Engineers or working towards trade certificate. Our licensed commercial air conditioning technicians carry out all installations in Rotorua and the greater Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions. Upon completion, we issue either an Electrical Certificate of Compliance or an Electrical Safety Certificate. Technicians have completed Refrigerant Fillers courses, which mean they are licensed to safely handle, remove or add refrigerant to any heat pump or air conditioner.

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Payment & Finance Options We Offer

Need finance? Talk to our sales consultation team about different tailor made payment options including direct debit, credit card and Q-Card finance. Note some charges apply for credit card and Q-Card Finance.

Air Conditioning Running Costs

Air Conditioners/Heat pumps are the cheapest form of Electric heating and cooling in Rotorua available with some returning 5 times more than what you actually pay for.

Energywise provide some excellent guides on types of heaters.

Free Visit & Recommendation

Looking to improve your comfort levels? Temprite can come to you and make heating and cooling recommendations in Rotorua based on our wealth of experience. Our friendly sales consultants discuss the many options available and provide you with a heating and cooling solution to best fit your need.

Ongoing Maintenance & Repairs

Temprite heat pump maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance Services

Temprite provides you the best advice on the basic maintenance tasks that you can undertake yourself to ensure your air conditioning systems in Rotorua operate efficiently, such as ensuring that you keep the filters clean, or if you want professional cleaning and maintenance services, we take care of it. We can add you to our recurring maintenance schedule.

If your building Warrant of Fitness includes commercial air conditioning systems as part of the mechanical services checks, Temprite organises the issuing of your 12A certificate for satisfaction and regular maintenance of your air conditioning/heating systems.

Repairs Services

Temprite have trained air conditioning technicians who are readily available to carry out repairs on your commercial air conditioning in Rotorua system, if your system fails. Once we have visited your site or office to check the air conditioning system, we then provide you with a description of the fault or repair required along with the recommendation and costs associated.

Most reputable air conditioning brands including Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin stock spare parts in New Zealand for air conditioners up to 10 years old. Typically, these are delivered to Rotorua overnight so we can have your heating or cooling up and running as soon as possible.

Temprite Rotorua air conditioning repair


Most air conditioning products carry a 5-year warranty, should your system fault within this period, Temprite is an authorised service agent to carry out repairs for Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin. With spare parts readily available in New Zealand and quickly delivered to Rotorua, Temprite can arrange the repairs under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Life Expectancy

General life expectancy of air conditioning systems in Rotorua is around 10 years; however, this can vary depending on your type, location and other factors. Preventative maintenance can help to prolong your air conditioners life and this is something Temprite can carry out, as required.

In Rotorua, hydrogen sulphide can play a part in shortening the life expectancy of your air conditioner especially in particularly corrosive areas. When carrying out a consultation, Temprite’s friendly sales team can advise you on maintenance tasks to prolong life expectancy and discuss the application of sulphur corrosion protection prior to installing your air conditioner in Rotorua.

Sulphur Protection

Geothermal corrosion can shorten the life expectancy of your air conditioning system. Applying sulphur corrosion protection to indoor and outdoor air conditioner prior to installation helps in extending the life expectancy. As Temprite have been installing air conditioning in Rotorua for over 35 years, we have proven methods to protect your systems. Sulphur corrosion protection for your new air conditioner, is one area not to cut costs on!

Capacity & Sizing

Air conditioning systems in Rotorua comes in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is very important that the correct size heat pump/air conditioner be installed into the space requiring heating or cooling.

Geographic location for local weather conditions and insulation of the building is also a key when sizing air conditioners for Rotorua. Generally, the space with a small office, the smallest size heat pump of around 2.5kW. Open plan offices or board rooms typically require larger installations.

During a consultation, Temprite takes measurements of rooms to ensure the selection of correct size of air conditioner. In case you fail to do this, you may face higher than expected power bills, temperature fluctuations in rooms, additional noise or a air conditioner that struggles to maintain adequate temperatures in Rotorua.

Air Conditioning Design

If you are looking to build, renovate or just improve your temperature control, send Temprite your plans for viewing or we can come to you and make recommendations based on our wealth of experience. Our friendly sales consultants discuss the many options available and provide you with a heating and cooling solution in Rotorua to best fit your needs. Temprite also works with your other contractors to ensure the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time.

Health & Safety

During the installation and maintenance of your Air Conditioning system in Rotorua, the safety of Temprite’s personnel, your staff and others are of high priority to us. We attempt to identify potential risks and put in place or discuss controls to help manage those risks.

Temprite’s staff are trained to install air conditioning systems safely and licensed to perform higher risk work including all electrical work. Our trained and licensed professionals and installers/technicians have Refrigerant Fillers & Handlers certificates in order to work safely with refrigerants. We complete onsite safety documentation prior to work in combination with your on site representative.

Temprite is also an approved and registered company with SHE Health & Safety software.

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