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When it comes to heating or cooling your home, there is an overwhelming number of heat pump/air conditioning products available in the market. You have to make an informed decision to choose the best home heat pumps within your budget.

With over 35 years of experience in the heat pump/air conditioning industry, Temprite is your professional partner to help you find the perfect home heat pump/air conditioning solutions in Rotorua. You can give us a call or drop by our showroom to speak to our friendly team members to get professional advice on which heat pump or air conditioner best suits your needs and budget.

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Types of Heat Pump/Air Conditioners

Based in Rotorua, Temprite has extensive and diverse experience to provide you with a heating and cooling solution to suit your requirements.We offer a wide variety of home heat pumps/air conditioners as we understand that every home is unique with its unique needs. Our team has extensive experience in the installation of various heat pump/air conditioning systems ranging from a simple high wall or floor console that heat and cool one room, to central heating and cooling ducted systems.

Explore Our Heat Pump/Air Conditioning Options

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MSZ-GE Wooden Dining Room

High Wall Heat Pump/Air Conditioning

This is the most common type of home heat pump/air conditioning system often found in most living rooms across Rotorua and New Zealand.


  • This indoor system is mounted at high level from the ground.
  • It is connected to an outdoor unit often situated directly behind the indoor unit or the distance between the two can be up to 30m depending on the model of the heat pump/air conditioning is installed.
  • This home heat pump/air conditioning system is designed provide space heating and cooling efficiently.  It is easily operable with a handheld remote controller or by adding  Wi-Fi to your heat pump.
  • Most common installed type of heat pump/air conditioner.
Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump/Air Conditioning

Ceiling cassettes are heat pumps/air conditioning that efficiently distribute both warm and cold air in four directions.


  • This heat pump/air conditioning is installed into the ceiling with 4-way directional vanes to distribute warm and cool air.
  • Ceiling access is required to install a ceiling cassette heat pump/air conditioning.
  • This pump type is for cooling and heating the space where it is installed.

This type of heat pump/air conditioning system is common in retail stores. However, these are also suitable for large areas and come with a ‘mini-cassette’ option for smaller areas.

Floor Mount

Floor Mounted Heat Pump/Air Conditioning

This type of home heat pump/air conditioning is suitable for the spaces where installing a high wall is not suitable or for cosmetic reasons. It provides heat airflow from a low level.


  • The floor-mounted heat pump/air conditioning is installed close to the ground, as the name implies
  • This system offers a more discrete installation and at times, can be installed in the space where you once had an old inbuilt fire.

You can operate a floor mounted heat pump/air conditioning with an easy to use handheld remote controller or by adding Wi-Fi to your heat pump/air conditioning.


Ducted Heat Pump/Air Conditioning System

A ducted central heating and cooling system is the most discrete way to install heat pumps and air conditioning into your home. A ducted heat pump/air conditioning system provides the most discrete and quietest solution for your heating and cooling requirements.

This type of system is more expensive than stand-alone individual systems. However, if you want a uniform temperature throughout your home, this is the system for you.


  • This is a central home heat pump/air conditioning system positioned in the ceiling space that transfers air to different rooms of the house using insulated ducting and air outlet grills in the ceiling.
  • They filter air through return grilles that are normally positioned in a central area of the home.

Our expert home consultant in Rotorua can discuss the varying types of heat pump/air conditioning and recommend a system to suit your home and budget.

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Accredited Installation of Home Heat Pumps/air conditioning in Rotorua

Temprite follows the highest and strict quality standards for the installation of heat pumps and air conditioning products to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. We even go the extra mile during installations to meet your requirements to your satisfaction. This may not always be the easiest way, but it is undoubtedly the best way!

Our experts can carry out the installation of most small heat pumps/air conditioning in a day with as little disruption as possible. We only use high grade and durable materials for the installation of home heat pumps/air conditioning in Rotorua to ensure that it withstands the elements for years to come.

Temprite Panasonic Heating & Cooling specialists Rotorua

Professional, Yet Visually Pleasing Installation

The indoor and outdoor heat pump/air conditioning systems are connected via two insulated copper pipes and electrical wiring that are concealed inside capping to provide a clean and tidy finish.

Don’t be caught into thinking that you have a limited choice for positioning or location of your heat pump/air conditioning system. At Temprite, we often install heat pump/air conditioning indoor systems on internal walls or put in extra efforts to ensure outdoor units are positioned where they are less likely to have a visual impact on the exterior of your home.

If your outdoor heat pump/air conditioning requires installation in a garden or grass area, we provide concrete pavers to give the system a solid foundation to sit on. Our professionals then raise the unit on PVC mounting feet to provide clearance under the air conditioners’ outdoor unit. This helps in preventing premature corrosion of the base of the unit. External wall mounting is possible with the use of galvanised brackets or wall brackets.

Trained and Certified Team of Technicians in Rotorua

As a leading home heat pump and air conditioning service provider in Rotorua, our sales and installation teams have product-specific training from manufacturers and refrigeration industry organisations. This ensures that our experts install your heat pump/air conditioner system correctly following manufacturer and industry guidelines.

  • Most of the technicians and experts in our installation team are either trade qualified Refrigeration Engineers or working towards their trade certificate.
  • Only registered electricians carry out electrical work.
  • On completion of your heat pump/air conditioning installation, the homeowner is provided with either an Electrical Certificate of Compliance or an Electrical Safety Certificate.
  • Our Technicians have completed Refrigerant Fillers courses, which means that they are licensed to safely handle, remove, or add refrigerant to any heat pump or air conditioner.
Panasonic Air Conditioning

Our Home Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning Brands

At Temprite, we only stock high-quality and reputed heat pump/air conditioning brands, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, and Daikin. These brands are world-renowned for their finest quality and innovation to deliver quality home comfort. We have the expertise to carry out heat pump/air conditioning servicing and repairs in Rotorua and wider Bay of Plenty region on most makes and models of the latest heat pump/air conditioning systems.

Product Warranty

Generally, most manufacturers include 5-year parts and labour warranty with their heat pump/air conditioning brands for correct installation. At Temprite, we can carry out warranty repairs for all these heat pump/air conditioning manufacturers; however, you may need to provide proof of purchase. Our professional staff are trained to install heat pumps/air conditioning following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Important to Note: Standard warranties can sometimes have conditions included in the manufacturer’s clauses. Temprite can point out a condition that may impact you in the unlikely event of a premature failure when you require a claim under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Payment & Finance Options We Offer

Do you need finance for your heat pump/air conditioning systems and installation? Temprite offers a wide range of finance options for your convenience and to ease your burden.

Talk to our sales consultant about different custom-tailored payment options, which include direct debit, credit card, and Q-Card finance.

Note that some extra charges may apply for credit card and Q-Card Finance.

Smart Features To Take Your Home Comfort to the next level

Smart Automation Technology

At Temprite, we provide you with some of the latest smart technology options available with heat pump/air conditioning in Rotorua and wider Bay of Plenty Region, such as operating your heat pump/air conditioning by phone, tablet, or Alexa.

Wi-Fi Control

Wi-Fi control gives you the ability to operate your heat pump/air conditioning system from just about anywhere via your smartphone or tablet with a multi-user option. You can even remotely turn the system off and save on power. In some models, it’s an add-on feature, so be sure to request this function if it benefits you.

WiFi Control

Smart Timer
All heat pump systems come with a timer function that you can program via the handheld infrared remote control. This is often a convenient feature to set your heat pump to come on in the morning before waking up.
Eco-friendly Air Filter System
Temprite installs all heat pumps and air conditioning systems with air filters that continuously filter the air when in operation. This feature provides you with clean air to breath. It is recommendable that you clean them every three months to ensure your heat pump operates efficiently and effectively.
Hands-Free Voice Control
At Temprite, we can also provide you with a heat pump solution having hands-free voice control. You can link this system to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart device via a Wi-Fi interface. This enables you to take your home comfort to the next level.

Alexa Wifi

Highly Cost-Effective Option for Home Heating

Heat pumps are the cheapest form of heating available. There are some excellent guidelines on the Energywise website on types of heaters. Check out the Energywise website here:


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How Soon Can I Have My Heat Pump/air conditioning?

Temprite is a stockist of leading heat pump/air conditioning brands in Rotorua, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, and Daikin. If we don’t have your desired heat pump model in Rotorua, we can arrange delivery within a couple of days.

Once you accept your heat pump/air conditioning quote, your heating and cooling won’t be far away. We carry out installation generally within ten working days or discussed to suit your schedule.

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Professional Ongoing Heat Pump/air conditioning Maintenance & Repair Services in Rotorua

Ongoing Maintenance Services

Temprite can advise you on the basic maintenance tasks that you can undertake yourself to ensure your heat pump/air conditioning operates efficiently. These tasks may include keeping your air filter clean or if you prefer instead, we can take care of it and add you to our recurring service list.

Temprite Rotorua Heat Pump Air Conditioning Service

Knowledgeable Heat Pump/Air Conditioning Repair & Services

Temprite has trained heat pump/air conditioning technicians always prepared to carry out heat pump/air conditioning repairs in Rotorua and wider Bay of Plenty region. Once we visit your home to check the heat pump/air conditioning, we then provide you with a description of the fault or repair required along with the recommendation and costs associated.

Most reputable Heat Pump/Air Conditioning brands, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, and Daikin stock spare parts in New Zealand for heat pumps/air conditioning up to 10 years old. Typically, we arrange the delivery of these parts to Rotorua overnight so you can have your heating or cooling up and running as soon as possible.

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Most heat pump/air conditioning products carry a 5-year warranty, should your system fault within this period. Temprite is an Authorised Rotorua heat pump/air conditioning service agent to carry out repairs for Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, and Daikin Heat Pumps/air conditioning. With spare parts readily available in New Zealand, we can arrange the repairs of heat pump/air conditioning parts under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Life Expectancy of Heat Pumps/air conditioning

The general life expectancy of heat pumps/air conditioning is around ten years. However, this can vary depending on your type, location, and other factors. Preventative maintenance can help to prolong your heat pump/air conditioning life, and you can rely on Temprite for heat pump/air conditioning maintenance and repair as required.

In Rotorua, hydrogen sulphide can play a part in shortening the life expectancy of your heat pump/air conditioning, particularly in corrosive areas. When carrying out an in-home consultation, Temprite’s friendly sales team gives you advice regarding heat pump/air conditioning maintenance tasks to prolong life expectancy. We also discuss the application of sulphur corrosion protection before installing your heat pump/air conditioning in Rotorua.

Added Protection from Sulphur for Your Heat Pump/air conditioning?

Geothermal corrosion can shorten the life expectancy of your heat pump/air conditioning. The use of sulphur corrosion protection to indoor and outdoor heat pump/air conditioning before installation can help extend the life of the equipment.

As Temprite has over 35 years of experience in the installation of heat pump/air conditioning in Rotorua, we have proven and tested methods to encounter sulphur corrosion. Our heat pump/air conditioning Sulphur corrosion protection for Rotorua’s environment is one area not to cut costs on!

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Heat Pump/air conditioning Capacity & Sizing

 Heat Pumps/Air Conditioning come in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is imperative to select the correct size of the heat pump/air conditioner according to your heating or cooling requirements and space. Geographic location for local weather conditions and insulation of the home are also important factors to consider when selecting the size of heat pump/air conditioning for Rotorua.

Recommended Size of Heat Pump/Air Conditioning for Small and large Space

Generally, the smallest size heat pump/air conditioning of around 3kW is suitable for the small bedroom, while most living rooms require a larger heat pump/air conditioning of around 6kW. Open plan living, dining, and kitchens typically require significantly larger sizes.

How Temprite Helps You Select an adequate Heat Pump/Air Conditioning Size?

If you fail to measure the exact size, you may face higher than expected power bills, temperature fluctuations in rooms, additional noise, or a heat pump/air conditioning that struggles to maintain adequate temperatures.During an in-home consultation, Temprite takes precise measurements of rooms to ensure the selection of the correct size heat pump/air conditioning for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How Does a Heat Pump/air conditioning Work?

Heating Process During Winters

  • When heating, heat pumps/air conditioning move available heat from one place to another by way of a refrigeration cycle.
  • The unit outside has a heat exchanger and fan.
  • The outdoor unit absorbs heat energy in the atmosphere and transfers it to the home by way of refrigerant, which is pumped through the system by a compressor.
  • The hot refrigerant is pumped through copper pipes to the indoor unit heat exchanger, where a fan passes the air across it warming the room.

Cooling Process During Summer

  • In the summer season, the process reverses.
  • The indoor unit’s heat exchanger absorbs heat energy from the indoor room air using a refrigerant as the heat transfer medium, cooling the room air.
  • It then pumps back the refrigerant to the outdoor unit and ejects the heat energy into the air via the outdoor unit heat exchanger.

Or more simply put, just push the button on your remote controller, and in approximately 10 minutes, the heat pump starts producing warm or cold air.

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Your Health & Safety Ensured

During the installation of your heat pump/air conditioning the safety of our staff, your family, and others are of high priority to us. We attempt to identify potential risks and put in place or discuss controls to help manage those risks.

As a licensed and experienced heat pumps service provider in Rotorua, all our staff is trained to install heat pumps/air conditioning safely. Our licensed and trained technicians having Refrigerant Fillers & Handlers certificates perform higher-risk work, including all electrical work to work safely with refrigerants.

Heat Pumps in Rotorua: Frequently asked questions

Are heat pumps/air conditioners noisy?

Most heat pump/air conditioning indoor units aren’t too noisy. However, Temprite assists you with selecting correct operational settings. We also consider the right positioning of outdoor units as it also contributes to putting off some noise during the peace of the night.

Are heat pumps expensive to run?

If set to operate correctly, heat pumps/air conditioners are still one of the most cost-efficient ways to heat your home. Some manufacturers provide a running cost guide for their heat pumps for your convenience in selection.

Do heat pumps last in Rotorua?
Heat Pumps last in most areas of Rotorua just as they would any other city. In higher geothermal areas, the lifetime of the heat pump can lessen.Temprite offers Sulphur corrosion protection to prevent deterioration of your heat pump at the time of purchase.
How long does it take to install a heat pump/air conditioning?

Our experts can easily install most heat pumps/air conditioners in a day or less.

What is the lead time for installation?

The typical installation of your heat pump/air conditioner is between one to two weeks. However, this can vary. We can confirm it at the time you accept the quote.

I've seen a heat pump/air conditioner on special discount or a second hand one online, will you install it for me?

Like most companies, Temprite does not install heat pump/air conditioning purchased from elsewhere due to warranty complications.

How often should I get my heat pump/air conditioning serviced?

Heat pump/Air Conditioning servicing intervals vary depending on use. At Temprite, we can show you how to clean your own filters. You should carry out this as regularly as possible or after every three months if used all year round. We recommend an annual service in addition to your filter cleaning.

Can I use my heat pump as an air conditioner too?

Yes, all the heat pump/air conditioning that Temprite sells in Rotorua also serve as air conditioners, so you can be comfortable all year round.

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