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To cool your milk and keep it fresh, you need a reliable, efficient and cost-effective milk cooling system. Your local trusted milk VAT refrigeration specialists, Temprite, provide new installations of refrigeration systems, snap chill systems, Ice Banks along with servicing, repair and maintenance solutions.

Expert Milk Cooling Repairs

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Located in Rotorua, Temprite is central to the Bay of Plenty and South Waikato regions. For more than 15 years, we are providing fast and efficient response time to dairy farmers. Our staff members have extensive training and experience working with milk cooling systems.

Fully- Equipped and Experienced Team

Together with experienced refrigeration technicians, we stock our service vans thoroughly with standard parts that enable us to carry out urgent repairs to your milk VAT refrigeration systems promptly, 24/7. At Temprite, we also stock a selected range of complete high-quality refrigeration systems if your system needs an immediate emergency replacement.

Expert in Handling Your Milk Refrigeration Concerns

If you need to coordinate with your Dairy Company including Fonterra, Miraka and Open Country Dairy, Temprite can communicate with them directly on your behalf. We maintain a close working relationship with Fonterra’s On-Farm Asset team and Milk Quality Control teams. Our experts also work with the Quality Consultants of New Zealand (QCONZ) to sort any milk quality issues. If the need arise, we can represent you to your insurers in the unlikely event of milk loss or refrigeration equipment failure, taking any stress out of the situation
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24/7 Response Time

Temprite understands the urgency when your refrigeration system fails, so we are available 24/7 for urgent breakdown repairs. During business hours, our friendly knowledgeable staff answer your calls and address your queries while after office hours our after-hours service company answer your calls who then request a technician to contact you shortly afterwards.

Installation of New Milk Cooling Systems

With so many different types of refrigeration systems in the market, it often becomes overwhelming to make the right choice. For your convenience, Temprite partnered with selected leading providers of refrigeration equipment so you can have a high-quality refrigeration solution to fit your situation. We provide you with a branded and renowned chiller system suitable for your milk cooling requirements that we stand by, hold parts for and service for years to come.

Our specialist, Refrigeration Sales Engineers, meet you on the farm, discuss your current set up and provide additional recommendations to ensure you meet milk cooling regulations.

PATTON Refrigeration Milk

Types of Milk VAT Refrigeration Systems

At Temprite, we have an in-depth understanding of your commercial milk cooling requirements. We offer a variety of reliable, efficient and durable refrigeration systems in Rotorua designed to meet your specific needs.

Direct Expansion Refrigeration

Direct expansion is easily the most common type of system where a refrigeration unit connects to a milk Vat to chill and maintain milk temperature. This type of refrigeration system is often meets milk-cooling regulations provided the pre-cooling water temperature is adequate.

Ice Bank System

Temprite is proud to be the local distributor of Packo Ice Banks. It is a chiller system that builds sheets of ice to provide snap cooling before milk entering the Vat at around 4 to 6 degrees. This type of system is suitable where warm groundwater is present along with lengthy milking times or large milk volumes. The Packo systems are available in a range of sizes to suit herd’s sizes and individual farm set up.

Chilled Water System

A chilled water system includes a refrigeration system that chills water in a tank. This water passes through a secondary plate cooler to provide additional pre-cooling before milk entering the Vat. This type of refrigeration system is suitable for farms with warm groundwater or higher milk volumes. At Temprite, we design and build chilled water systems to suit each individual farms unique set up.

Glycol System

Another form of snap chilling milk system, you can use glycol similar to a chilled water system. It provides additional pre-cooling of milk before entering the Vat. Temprite holds food-grade glycol in stock and carries out checks to ensure the correct ratio is in place.
At Temprite, we also hold expertise in providing repairs and maintenance of all the chiller systems listed above.

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Areas We Serve

Temprite has over 15 years of experience in providing chiller system services to the wider Bay Of Plenty and South Waikato regions including, Broadlands, Reporoa, Waikite Valley, Ngakuru, Atiamuri, Tirohanga, Whakamaru, Mangakino, Rerewhakaaitu, Murupara, Galatea, Mamaku, Kaharoa, Pukehina, Paengaroa, Te Puke, Tirau, Putaruru, Tokoroa and Pyes Pa.

We have become a reliable and reputed Milk Vat Refrigeration systems provider in the region due to our expertise, in-depth industry knowledge and great customer care. Get in touch with us to get the system that fits your needs!

Professional Milk Temperature Monitoring

Why You Need Professional Milk Temperature Monitoring

Temperature logging – need a clearer picture of what your milk is doing? You need professional monitoring of your milk temperature to ensure that it keeps milk fresh and unspoiled for longer.

Temprite can set up temporary logging equipment on your dairy farm to monitor milk and water temperatures. We then provide you with a report of the results. This type of investigation often shows up unknown faults, not visual to the naked eye on the farm.

Refrigeration Systems Designed to meet MPI Requirements

Temprite’s Refrigeration Sales Engineers meet with you on-farm, view and discuss your current set up, carry out additional checks and discuss your milking operation to provide a clearer picture of what is required to meet MPI milk cooling regulations. Following the on-farm visit, we then present a proposal, which offers the most suitable milk refrigeration solution or two to cool and maintain your milk at the correct temperatures.

Preventative Milk VAT Refrigeration Maintenance

Why Your System Needs Regular Preventive Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance helps reduce breakdowns when least expected and extend the plant’s life. Refrigeration systems are hard-working machines and often do not get a day off. By keeping your refrigeration unit maintained, you can improve the operating efficiency, reduce breakdowns and have a peace of mind that your system is operating optimally.

The team at Temprite carries out thorough refrigeration maintenance checks regularly. We provide a report of each system on completion. Our experts attempt to carry out preventative maintenance checks in groups of farms geographically to ensure to keep the costs to a minimum.

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