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Temprite has an experienced team of engineers designated to providing on-farm milk vat refrigeration service and milk vat breakdown repairs. By providing a 24-hour breakdown service for our customers, Temprite offers an urgent, rapid response when needed. Temprite also provides a 7 point self-diagnostic check list which means many clients are able to sort out any issues themselves quickly and easily without making an unnecessary call out. Temprite is partnered with leading providers of refrigeration equipment so they are able to offer a cooling solution to any situation. Their specialist engineers can meet with you on farm to discuss your current set up and discuss improvements that can be made to meet the cooling requirements. Temprite conducts annual preventative maintenance checks on your refrigeration plant to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently. By keeping the equipment in good working order it helps eliminate vat breakdowns before they occur. We can also service and repair your tractor or car air conditioning at the time of any service call. There are no contractual obligations for this service.

Snap Chill Options

Packo Temprite holds the local distribution and servicing for Packo Ice Builders. The Packo Ice Builder is the result of many years of experience in cooling liquids for the dairy and food industry. The PIB builds up an ice reserve with which it can make a large amount of ice water at zero degrees. The PIB is constructed of thick stainless steel plates (AISI 304) for a long lifetime. Environmental friendly PU-foam is injected between the interior and exterior housing for insulation. The insulation has a thickness of 50 mm to ensure a completely vapour-tight construction. This prevents thermal losses and improves low energy consumption. The standard PIB is supplied with a powerful pump that transports the ice waterthrough the heat exchanger in the DIB tank. A rapid cooling, without the risk of freezing, of your valuable milk is ensured. Bacteria don’t stand a chance! Possible options include an extra ice water pump for instant cooling and a time clock for the use of cheaper night-rate electricity. The unit can be easily integrated into an existing cooling system, or can be offered as part of a completely new system. • Cooling capacity: 8 – 372 kWh Packo system Your benefits: • This solution is perfect for farms where access to water for pre-cooling is a problem. i.e. it is possible to cool all the milk without any bore water. • Large instant cooling capacity: Ice melted down at the moment of use • Maximum cooling speed without risk of product freezing • Energy Saving: Reduces peak demand and shifts energy consumption   varichill Temprite holds the local distribution and servicing for Varicool. Designed and made right here in New Zealand, the Varicool range has a product to suit all farms. Assembled only the best state of the art refrigeration componentry from the most reliable manufacturers from around the world and this forms the foundations of the Vari‐COOL snap chilling refrigeration system. The Vari‐COOL chassis is fully galvanised and powder coated, the condensers are polymer dipped therefore giving the system an on farm expected life span of 20 years plus and the componentry used in our systems are from only reputable manufactures that produce high quality and energy efficient equipment. Vari-Chill The Vari‐COOL is currently the only chilling system in the marketplace that is capable of performing the following tasks simultaneously:
  1. Milk snap chilling to sub 6 degrees.
  2. Chill multiple milk vats simultaneously.
  3. Vary the output matching the chilling load presented on farm at any one time.
  4. High grade heat recovery to a maximums of 70 deg C and 480lt/hr.
  5. System and tank temperature monitoring.
  6. “A grade” energy efficiency ratings to a proven 3.6 and above.
  7. Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity
  8. Water conservation through unique milk plate cooler design.

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A new refrigeration unit and vat control box is about to be taken out for installation. The chiller is fitted with a desuperheater, which is used to recover heat from the chiller to preheat water before going into the cylinder. The vat control box contains on/off switches for the chillers, digital temperature displays, in-place cleaning/vat wash button and a clip for tanker dockets.

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Temprite maintains a close working relationship with Fonterra’s On Farm Asset team and Milk Quality Control teams. We also work with the Quality Consultants of New Zealand (QCONZ) to sort any milk quality issues. Should the need arise we can represent you to your insurers in the unlikely event of milk loss or refrigeration equipment failure, taking any stress out of the situation. For milk vat refrigeration and maintenance assistance, please contact Temprite on (07) 3485 149.

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