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Competitive HVAC Tender Pricing

Are you looking for competitive tender pricing for your HVAC plans? At Temprite, we have can view your HVAC plans and specifications to provide a competitive market price with comprehensive mechanical services.

HVAC Systems – Design & Installation

For more than 35 years, Temprite has been at the forefront of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning design, installation and service. We offer a variety of types of air conditioning and ventilation systems and endeavor to provide a solution for all kind of HVAC needs.

As a locally owned HVAC company based in Rotorua for over 35 years, Temprite has the experience to provide you with heating, cooling and ventilation solution to suit your requirements. Our expert mechanical consultants can guide and design a HVAC system to suit your building or tenants requirements, providing solutions to different layouts using various types of systems or price to a design.

We have vast experience in installing various systems from basic air conditioning systems, central heating & cooling ducted systems or VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems. We also provide you with fresh air systems, kitchen hood or commercial extract systems and toilet or bathroom extracts systems.

aeration pipes in a technical room

HVAC Repairs & Maintenance

Ensure that your assets are maintained with Temprite’s preventative HVAC, ventilation and air conditioning systems maintenance programmes designed to suit your budget.

Ongoing Maintenance

Temprite can schedule and carry out regular maintenance tasks to ensure your air conditioners operate effectively and efficiently. Your building Warrant of Fitness may include air conditioning and/or ventilation systems as part of the mechanical services checks. We also organise the issuing of your 12A certificate once we carry out the regular maintenance work.

Professional Repairs

Temprite has trained HVAC technicians on hand ready to carry out repairs on your system in the event of failure. Once we pay a visit to your site to check the system, we can provide you with a description of the fault or repair required along with the recommendation and associated costs. Our recommendation will equip you with the knowledge to make the right decision.

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HVAC Modifications

If you are carrying out building alterations, whether it is ducting, air conditioning or small layout adjustments, Temprite has the expertise to modify existing equipment to suit your new layout. Our experts can help you with required modifications, quickly and efficiently. Talk to the team at Temprite to get expert advice and a quote.

Producer Statements – PS1 & PS3

Temprite provides you with Producer Statements for the design and installation of the mechanical services equipment which we have installed in your building.

Building WOF & IQP

Temprite has Independently Qualified Persons (IQP) on hand to assist with the completion of the relevant documentation to issue your 12A Building Warrant of Fitness for your mechanical services. Simply talk to the team at Temprite to know about what is involved.

Health & Safety

During the installation and maintenance of your ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, the safety of Temprite’s personnel, your staff and others are of high priority to us. We attempt to identify potential risks and put in place or discuss controls to help manage those risks.

At Temprite, our staff are trained and licensed to install HVAC systems safely. Our team is licensed to perform higher-risk work, including all electrical work which is carried out by licensed persons and installers/technicians holding Refrigerant Fillers & Handlers certificates who work safely with refrigerants. Our team completes all onsite safety documentation before working in combination with your onsite representative to ensure optimal safety.

Our company is also approved and registered with SHE Health & Safety software.

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